Trust the Process

“I was sober and doing everything I needed to be doing, but there was always this hole in my heart,” she says. “I felt like I was lost. I felt more hopeless than I did at 21 when I couldn’t stop doing meth. And I wanted to feel better.”

Park hit an emotional rock bottom and enrolled in Milestones at Onsite, an integrative residential program for people with primary trauma and co-dependency. Through progressive clinical modalities and a loving culture, Milestones participants work on the core wounding that is driving self-sabotaging behaviors and dysfunctional relationship patterns, understand their personal stories and how they show up for themselves and other relationships, and heal emotional pain that keeps them stuck relationally.

Before Milestones, Park didn’t believe she had trauma work to do, but through watching fellow participants begin the process of recovery from trauma and co-dependency in a safe and supportive environment, she began to heal.

“When I was watching someone else walk through their work, it could be a different situation, but I related to the feelings and emotions,” Park says. “I was an outsider looking in and getting a bird’s eye view of it, but we were all on the journey together.”

By the time Park left Milestones, she had a new family, a plan for improving relationships with others, and a solid self-care plan for moving forward.

“Milestones completely transformed my heart and the way I viewed things and the relationships I had,” Park says. “Most importantly, Milestones taught me how to love myself.”

Now a national business development specialist at BRC Recovery, Park understands how easy it can be to feel like there is a certain image to uphold in the addiction recovery industry. But now she knows how important personal growth work is — even when it doesn’t always feel good. She trusts the process.

“We get a rare opportunity to stand with people when the lights come on for them,” Adcox says. “We want to join you and walk beside you toward emotional freedom.”

Written by Kelsey Allen

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