Reaching the Summit

RC: How do you help clients with co-occurring disorders?

DD: We have licensed psychologists who provide eight hours of individual and group therapy every week. We also provide 22 hours of milieu/psychoeducational groups. Our therapists are experienced in treating trauma and co-occurring disorders, which often accompany recovery. Each client works with both a licensed therapist and a licensed substance abuse counselor.

RC: Tell us about your new program for young women.

DD: We are very excited about this new program called Juniper Canyon, a recovery center for women. For the past seven years, it has been our intention to create the same safe and effective treatment for women at Legacy as we have for men — but with elements specific to women. Many women who have substance use disorders also have suffered mistreatment or abuse. So, we created a model designed to acknowledge and address the root issues of addiction and substance abuse for women specifically. We are also introducing equine therapy into the women’s program, which is an effective treatment for people who have suffered trauma and helps with rebuilding relationships. In this therapy, a person develops a relationship with the horse while tending to its basic needs. By creating this bond, the client-horse relationship promotes emotional growth. A common way to view recovery is in regard to recovering from substance abuse. At Juniper Canyon, the term also describes the process of recovering from trauma and mental health problems. Quite often, the underlying issue that precipitated substance abuse is a traumatic event or a mental health issue. We use the broader definition of the term as we treat the whole person and get to the root causes of addiction and self-defeating behavior.

Written by Patti Zielinski

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