Getting Higher

Once you feel completely done with the first part of the exercise, take a really good look at your work. Then separate the two columns down the line you’ve drawn, either with a scissors or by folding and carefully tearing them apart. You’ll be left with two pieces of paper, the WANT and DON’T WANT columns. Set the WANT column aside for a minute and focus your attention on the DON’T WANT column. Take a hard look at all those things you don’t want, can’t use, don’t want part of your spiritual life. Really focus on them. After having done that for several minutes, fold up that paper, tear it into pieces and go flush it down the toilet. That’s right, go flush it.

So what are you left with? What you WANT in a Higher Power, those things YOU chose, your words, your intentions. Not my work, YOUR work. This is yours, the Higher Power of your understanding. Yes, it’s that simple.

If we go back to the three steps above, we can see how this new understanding will work for us. Take a look at an entity, an idea, a concept that embodies the attributes you defined. It has clear and present Power, doesn’t it? Could something such as this restore you to the sanity you are coming to believe in as part of step two? When you make a decision to turn your will and your life over in step three, is this the God of your own understanding you can do that work with? How about when you pray and meditate – is this the Power you can call on, connect with, allow to direct you? Is this Power, and the attributes this Power possesses enough to guide you into the light? It would seem so, right?

Of course that’s only part of it – this spiritual existence has a lot of arms and legs and weaves itself into all aspects of our lives. It’s a big idea, and as much as it is an idea it is also a practice, a way of life that allows us to be connected to our concept of a Higher Power and to each other. We are alone no longer.

We’ll hear in the rooms the idea of “practicing God’s will rather than our own.” Oftentimes we’re left to wonder what that is. What’s God’s will versus our own? Having done this work, you have identified precisely what God’s will is. In my case, it starts off with being kind, loving and generous…..the more closely I match my will with God’s, the better the results. It looks like exactly what the attributes are on my WANT column, just as you’ve completed. Simple but not easy as at the end of the day, it’s up to you to do the work, make the effort and choose the person you – and your Higher Power – would have you be.

Finally, it’s important to con-sider that the road has narrowed, just a bit, for you and your new friend. As we come into acceptance of our own concept of a Higher Power, so too must we come into acceptance of other’s concept of a Higher Power. No better, no worse, no matter how different. In that way there’s room for everyone, and God knows there’s now more room for us.

Written by David Skonezny, CADC-II, ICADC

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