Calling for Entries in the 2020 Recovery Campus Directory

Has your campus recently created a CRC/CRP? If so we would like to make sure you are included in our 2020 Recovery Campus Directory!  Please reach out for more information or click on this link to update your information

Our mission is to raise awareness of Collegiate Recovery Programs across the country. This is our 4th year of producing this directory and it is the only one of its kind. We are honored to work with, and have the support of, the Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE), which is the only association exclusively representing collegiate recovery programs (CRPs) and collegiate recovery communities (CRCs), the faculty and staff who support them, and the students who represent them.

The number of CRCs/CRPs is still increasing across the country. Campus cultures can differ as well as the features of each group. Many times, student’s find their institution already has a collegiate program in place, and if not, there is a solid one available to every recovering student. In these programs students are breaking down stereotypes and misperceptions about addiction. They freely share their stories and prove you can still have as much fun in recovery. Instead of living their lives from an addicts’ perspective, these kids are striving and growing, and are looking ahead to a bright future both personally and professionally.

Our desire to create this National Collegiate Recovery Directory is best described in a phrase coined by the ARHE, “No student should have to choose between recovery and their education.”

Trent Boozer

Publisher and founder of Recovery Campus

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