The Best Is Yet to Come

I never thought being in recovery could be such a wonderful journey into the unknown. Life in recovery feels mysterious and exciting, like walking along a misty path in the forest and catching enticing glimpses of the road ahead. While recreating my life in sobriety, I began experimenting with new ways of interacting with my environment and the world. I still practice these new behaviors today – nine years of sobriety later. It is my sincere desire to share my recovery experiences with Recovery Campus readers in hopes that my story can help someone new in recovery stay on the path.

Each day I would ask for guidance, and for a sign that the guidance received was clearly meant for me. After writing down my request or stating it out loud, I would thank God and the universe for sending me the answer.

It didn’t take long for the world to begin interacting with me differently. My intent and expectation had been reset to receive information in this way, and the world began speaking to me through signs: snatches of overheard conversation in a grocery store, words on a billboard, a message in a song on the radio or through the simple words of a child. When I was between jobs I asked for a sign of my next step in my career path. One day I was browsing through my email, and up popped a random job opportunity announcement. As I read the job description, my whole body began vibrating and an electric shock went through me – ZAP ZZZZZZZZZZZ, and I knew that I had to apply for this job. It was a job announcement for The Stacie Mathewson Foundation, which is now Transforming Youth Recovery, who became and is still my employer!

Several years ago I remember asking what the next year had in store for me. I turned on the TV in time to hear someone say, “The best is yet to come.” It felt as if those words were being spoken to me personally, and I took them into my soul and started believing them.

As I learned to trust in my ability to attract guidance when I needed it, I began to see the world as a friendly, supportive place where all my needs were met.  I stopped being anxious about the unknowns in life and started trusting in the universe to provide whatever it was that I needed and to trust that whatever I received was appropriate.

This new way of interacting with the world helps me to better prioritize and accomplish my school and work assignments. Rather than feel stressed out about all the things I must do, I now make a list, look at the list, and ask myself what next three things will bring me the greatest joy to accomplish! My daunting list of to-dos has become fun now that I look at my responsibilities through a lens of joy.

Things I once found the most challenging, I now trust are put in front of me because I can successfully achieve them. I am now more comfortable trusting the universe to deliver information when I need it by saying the mantra, “All the information I now need comes to me easily and effortlessly.”

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