Aftercare: A Crucial Step in Maintaining Sobriety

For an individual who has recently entered sobriety, leaving the highly-structured environment of residential treatment can often lead to a shocking re-introduction to the outside world. After spending a significant period of time immersed in the processes of physical, emotional, and mental recovery from addiction, the steps that follow can often lead to relapse if aftercare is not made a priority.

At RECO Intensive, they specialize in aftercare and transitional living. Their intensive outpatient program focuses on creating a stable environment with a strong clinical foundation, in order to guide clients through a seamless transition from inpatient treatment to independent living.

To ensure the best possible outcome for each client, their program acts as a continuation of the residential level of care through mirroring clinical groups such as family systems, CBT and DBT, and life skills. Through providing safe and sober residential housing facilities, clients are able to gain increased responsibility while fostering a sense of community and growth.

The transition period for individuals who struggle with substance use is the most difficult—yet the most vital—for long-term sobriety. As they guide clients in re-affirming their self-worth, their program facilitates the belief that identity is not formed upon past mistakes but from the drive and will to lead a purposeful and meaningful life.

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