The University of Being Human

When Greene left ILC, she started taking classes at Florida Atlantic University and enrolled in the Life of Purpose program, the only substance use disorder treatment facility on a college campus in the United States. It was hard being surrounded by drug addicts, Greene says, but she had found respect for herself at ILC.

“My substance abuse was self-medicating,” Greene says. “When I didn’t have pain anymore, it was easy not to reach for drugs. I was just doing the next thing, which wasn’t getting high, just to continue on this path that I felt so good about.”

In May 2015, Greene graduated with a degree in psychology and is now in a graduate program to become an infant/toddler development specialist. When she’s done with school, she wants to start a private nanny company.

“ILC changed my whole life, not just my relationship with drugs and alcohol,” Greene says. “My wildest dreams are coming true.”

For McCormick, there is nothing better than seeing people fall in love with life again.

“We’re taught a whole lot of stuff growing up,” he says. “Unfortunately, we’re not taught what amazing beings we are and how deep that runs. ILC is like the university of being human.

“When people come back, they don’t come back and say, ‘I’ve been sober for four years,’” McCormick says. “They come back and say, ‘I love my life today.’ That’s what recovery is to me.”

Written by Kelsey Allen

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