Shattering My Fears

The students I met in CRP that day are still the closest friends I have ever had in my life. They have shown me how to live and lead by example. And

I am so thankful. Those relationships are invaluable and would not have been possible without a collegiate recovery program in place at the University of Michigan. After that first meeting, I was on the track to stay sober. The tools were laid at my feet, and I had plenty of help to show me how to use them.

I’ve been in recovery for over two years now, but I still remember the feeling after another failed attempt to stay clean. It was like my chest fell through my stomach, and I couldn’t keep my chin up for the life of me. Those are the visceral symptoms of hopelessness. Today, I feel full. Full of life and love. That what’s recovery feels like. It’s what I feel every time I walk into a CRP meeting and see familiar faces. It’s how I feel when I can be the example for the new student hanging around.

It’s difficult to put into words how essential CRP was in my trajectory in recovery. It was absolutely critical for me, and it will continue to be critical for future students. I hope I was able to convey my experience and how grateful I am. I know I’m one of the lucky ones to have a community like CRP, and I can only earnestly encourage Michigan and other education institutions to continue to recognize the need and want for programs like this.

This May, I graduated from Michigan with honors. Michigan hails itself as leaders and the best. I know this to be true for many reasons, but I will always know the first, it’s CRP.

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