Searching for Recovery Capital — Find it, Ask it, Map it

This is a prolific time to be in the substance misuse field. Just a few months ago, the Surgeon General released the first-ever report on alcohol, drugs, and health, which stressed the importance of addressing, educating about, and preventing substance use disorder (or addiction). Although this field is now expanding like never before, there are still countless road blocks for people in the treatment and recovery fields, not to mention the hardship facing individuals and families face with loved ones suffering from a substance use disorder.

Sometimes being impacted by addiction can be isolating. When trying to help a friend, a loved one, or yourself it can feel like you’re the only person who’s ever experienced this trauma, and that this experience is completely unique. The stigma surrounding addiction and recovery, while slowly progressing and improving, is still a very real hurdle. And, once you’ve completed your treatment and are dutifully marching down the rugged road to long-term recovery, it’s hard to know where resources are, and where to find like-minded people.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an app that could connect people in need of resources with the providers and services that can help them?

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our homes and in our lives, it becomes imperative that we use that integration to build connections. The national nonprofit Transforming Youth Recovery has been on the forefront of substance misuse prevention since 2013, and has been continuously developing ways to connect individuals to resources ever since. In part, that mission led to the groundbreaking app Capacitype™, which makes the crucial connections between families and individuals, collegiate recovery programs,

treatment facilities, and other services both easy and accessible. What makes this app so revolutionary is that it compiles resources responsibly, only including and mapping things that will really benefit the user.

Capacitype™ is a set of tools that help groups and organizations find and make known those things that can build recovery capital in and around their communities. It is currently being released with a sleek new look, making this version 5.x even easier to use than before. By utilizing a national map with an easy-to-use search feature, Capacitype™ makes connections all across the US. Finding resources is easy with Capacitype™, so it makes being impacted by addiction a little less isolating.

Capacitype™ has three key functions: “Find it,” “Ask it” and “Map it.” Each function has been tailor made to be user-friendly and is driven by carefully cultivated data from individual users and organizations alike. The “Find it” function helps you- you guessed it- find resources in your community. Looking for a fitness studio that caters to people in recovery? Capacitype™ has it. Trying to find an accredited treatment center for your child? Capacitype™ has that too.

The “Ask it” function is truly unique, having been populated with questions from anyone using the app. Just type a question into the “ask it” search bar, and the app will pull up answers from leading experts and community organizations.

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