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Red Oak Recovery is making strides each day toward opening its doors to its expanded women’s program, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery, a clinically dynamic, substance-abuse and dual-diagnosis trauma-focused treatment program designed specifically for the unique needs of young adult women in recovery. The program’s focus is on individualized clinical care administered by multi-credentialed therapists who have advanced clinical training and certification in treating trauma to help address underlying issues that young women often face. By utilizing the latest research-supported clinical modalities, the clinically intensive programming helps ensure positive outcomes while addressing issues in a simultaneous and integrated fashion.

Located on a beautiful 38-acre campus just outside of Asheville, North Carolina, the property includes ponds, streams, pastures, walking trails, mountain views, and an expansive facility. The Willows at Red Oak Recovery offers a minimum of 20 hours of clinical care each week, plus psychiatric visits, gardening, nutritional assessments and education, yoga, martial arts, fitness classes, acupuncture, a swimming pool, and plenty of space to move and get outside with nature in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Programming also includes a Family Program that is intentionally structured to allow for the space necessary for families to heal. By offering a separate therapist to work specifically with the family, the hope is that each person is working on her own healing to prepare for the best outcome when families are brought back together to continue on their journey of recovery.

“As a small, individualized program, we have the ability to meet the client where they are and can custom tailor the program to meet each client’s specific needs,” explains Jack Kline, MS, LPCS, LCAS, CSS, chief executive officer of Red Oak Recovery. “Our model can best be described as a holistic, integrated-care model that simultaneously addresses trauma, substance abuse, and mental health issues.”

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The Willows at Red Oak Recovery is a special place for women to heal their entire selves – mind, body, and spirit. Empowerment and connection are woven throughout the daily activities and clinical work, and the women are offered a unique experience to rediscover who they are and who they are meant to be. The natural beauty of the property lends itself to spiritual growth and development as well.

Written by Meg Nygren

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