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Being a guy with over 30 years in recovery, I take this devastating drug epidemic we are living and dying through, to heart. With the help of others, I have found my way out of that dark space and it hurts to watch others living in despair when I know there is a solution.

I knew I needed to do more, and I do my best work with music so I started to write a batch of songs that dealt with addiction, recovery, hope and possibilities. Next question was where to play them. I began to reach out to people in the treatment world and managed to get myself a gig leading Recovery Music Groups in a place called Sunrise Detox, which had a few facilities in New Jersey. I was leading 4 groups a week for 2 years and word started to spread. The response from the ladies and gents in treatment was just as I had hoped for. They identified with the lyrics. They cried, they laughed, they started to feel. I would get messages from them after they had left telling me how the songs affected them and that pushed me to do more. After each group, I was asked the same question: “where can I get these songs?”. I kept promising I would record a CD. After two years, I left Sunrise and moved on to Turning Point, also in New Jersey, and the Mainstream Sober House on Long Island, plus various other facilities around the country. Always the same question: “how can we take this music home?”.

It was time to record this CD. I raised the money through an online campaign and started recording in February of 2017, and completed it in August.

Clean Getaway came out on Oct 20th (my birthday). I have been giving away copies to each and everyone I play to in my groups and selling to the general public through Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. A portion of sales will go to my non-profit to help implement recovery outreach events we are planning.

I call this CD a self-help book with a rock & roll backbeat. I tried to let Recovery be the special guest on the CD, but I did put together the top of the heap as far as players. Produced by Bob Stander and myself, the line-up includes Steve Holley (Wings, Ian Hunter), Bobby Whitlock (Derek and The Dominos), Andy Burton (Little Steven, John Mayer), Jeff Kazee (Southside Johnny), Christine Olhman (SNL band), Marge Raymond (Flame, ELO) and Bob Stander killin’ it on bass, and the Mainstream Sober Singers on gang vocals. So far the reviews have been amazing.

The greatest pleasure though is actually handing them out in my groups. Music heals. Who knows maybe a lyric, a melody, a grace note will make someone think twice when the urge to use hits. We all need to try and be part of a solution.

Here’s the point…If you are struggling in that hellish hallway between denial and surrender, this CD is for you.

If you are in recovery, it’s a way to see how far you’ve come…this CD is for you.

Finally, if you love da Rock n’ Roll this CD is definitely for you.

I hope it helps!!!

Written by Ricky Byrd

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