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Recognizing that everyone is on a unique path, a Southern California company finds success in a gender-specific approach to treatment. 

There are no quick fixes to overcoming addiction, just as there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to achieving long-term sobriety. However, when an addict enters treatment for an appropriate length of time; when clinical support is matched to the needs of that client; and when the client’s family receives the education, guidance and support necessary to enable their own recovery, the addict has the best possible opportunity of achieving a positive recovery outcome.

Balboa Horizons helps to make all this happen. The Southern California-based company offers gender-specific addiction recovery programs for adult men and women 18 years of age and older that create an atmosphere of openness and acceptance and minimize the distractions most often found in co-ed facilities. Clients at Balboa Horizons move through a continuum of care that includes detoxification, residential treatment and intensive outpatient programs that foster a solid foundation in sobriety and encourages the lifestyle changes in attitude and behaviors that ultimately lead to transformation and new recovering identities for the addict and family.

Balboa Horizons facilitates and encourages families to participate in the process and to focus on their own healing while their loved ones receive treatment for their substance use. Family involvement varies depending on the client’s individualized treatment plan, but generally, families engage in weekly progress updates, family therapy sessions and an intensive four-day family program held each month. They also are encouraged to attend a weekly two-hour family recovery support group for additional family support.

The center, with locations in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, can serve up to 80 clients in its four residential facilities and up to 40 clients in the intensive outpatient program. Balboa Horizons specializes in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction along with co-occurring mental health conditions, and the intensive outpatient programming has a specialized and separate mental health track program called Journeys.

The beautiful coastal setting is home to a vibrant recovery community and provides the backdrop for a healthy, active lifestyle, promoting wellness activities such as yoga, beach volleyball, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, fishing, golf and biking. Orange County, too, is rich with opportunities for employment and offers a variety of education options that can accommodate both short- and long-term goals of the recovering adult.

Recovery Campus spoke to Executive Clinical Director Burr Cook about Balboa Horizon’s philosophy on successful treatment for long-term recovery from addiction. An independent clinician who has worked in the health care field since the 1970s, Cook oversees the clinical integrity of the program; conducts character development, codependency and relapse prevention sessions; facilitates the family recovery workshops; and runs a private intervention practice called Family Intervention Now.

Recovery Campus: What is Balboa Horizons’ guiding philosophy?

Burr Cook: We are a 12-step-based program that takes a holistic, body-mind-spirit approach to treatment and recovery. What clients do when they leave treatment is most important, so a big part of the mission here is to help clients build a solid foundation in sobriety and prepare them for the journey into long-term recovery. To that end, we take a team approach to helping our clients overcome the challenges they face when they begin the journey of recovery. Starting with a thorough psychiatric evaluation and treatment planning that targets specific needs of the client, the therapist, counselor and support staff work together to optimize clinical support for our clients. Additionally, they are introduced to and supported in the development of 12-step peer support.

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