Living Proof

I had a complete philosophical change. I was filled with gratitude over how much God had allowed for me to do, and I was driving out with my dad, who five years earlier, would not have been in the car with me.

I spent a year marketing for Dove Tree out in New Mexico. I took the job because I loved what the people there do. They put a tremendous investment of faith in me. I have a passion for working with young people in recovery, and the payoff is that I get to help these young adults get into treatment and then watch them as their lives transform, like mine did. In my almost four years now at Dove Tree, I’ve had a good bit of experience. I’ve traveled and seen other programs all over, and realized sobriety is just a beginning. We help people define their goals, get into college, thrive in their educations, and move forward in their spiritual development. I don’t think there’s anything else quite like it. After about a year in New Mexico, I expressed an interest in being back with my family. Dove Tree let me take on the responsibility for marketing in Atlanta.  This transition turned out great, and I was able to work my way up to marketing on a national level in order to let communities all over the country learn about the work we do at The Ranch at Dove Tree. The clinical team we have is first-class and passionate about the work we do. I often feel that if match makers were to have set me up with a career, they would have picked The Ranch at Dove Tree for me.

I believe at Dove Tree we do an exceptional job of helping young people who have lost their vision and dropped out of school as a result of drugs and alcohol. We get them back to constructive lives that they are proud to live. Our curriculum is specifically designed with the development of young adults in mind. I know so many parents are discouraged and think they have had to abandon their college hopes for their kids when their sons and daughters get addicted or go to treatment. At Dove Tree, we help families restore that faith and help their loved ones not only to establish their foundation in sobriety but also to have real opportunities to get an education. I believe I am living proof that you can make up for the time lost to addiction.

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Daniel Krasner
National Clinical Solutions Provider
ARISE Interventionist Intern

Written By Daniel Krasner

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