How to Find Your Perfect Career

Johnson O’Connor, while used most extensively by mid-career adults, can be a great help when used to choose, or change, college majors. The test batteries reveal inherent talents that may provide the underpinning of academic success. When used in conjunction with other tests of temperament, the Johnson O’Connor costs may be more than made up for by the student being able to cut down on time wasted by false starts and missteps.

High School and College Counseling Offices

Use them — they’re free — and you might meet someone who will take a special interest in you. Try to use that person as a long-term sounding board or mentor. Remember, they’ve helped solve many students’ academic and personal problems. If they can’t help, they can point you to someone who can.

Returning to school after treatment first requires careful study of the college recovery community (CRC) you might be interested in. You’ll begin by checking out and comparing the many non-academic elements of the various CRC options: institutional staffing and student support, housing, CRC size and programming, costs and scholarships, location. You must start by searching for what you feel will be the most supportive environment for sustaining your recovery.

Then you will look at all the academic and related elements of the full college experience: majors offered, academic rigor, internships and work-study opportunities, library and computer resources, athletic and other programmatic facilities and activities, number of students, cultural life and programs, surrounding community, transportation access.

If you’ve done thorough career planning, you should have a pretty well-defined idea of what you want to major in when you get back to your studies. At that point, it should be straightforward to super-impose your academic objectives on top of the CRC elements you have identified as essential to staying sober in the college milieu. Your two-pronged research process has made you the perfect candidate for collegiate success when you go back.

Written by Ben Mason

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