Celebrating Blue Love

Recovery Campus: You mentioned you would like to network with other schools.

Holmes: Yes! I am interested in finding out more about what other community colleges around the nation are doing for their students in recovery. They can email me at mhholmes164@nashcc.edu.


The Student Perspective

Peer leader Emily V. helped Marbeth Holmes launch Celebrate Recovery. A member of the Class of 2016, she earned two degrees and transferred to Virginia Commonwealth, where she is also engaged in the CRP.

Recovery Campus: What are some of the specific challenges you face as a community college student in early recovery?

Emily: Trying to learn how to cope with the normal ups and down of everyday life is already challenging enough without our crutches of drugs or alcohol. When you add in the start of a new semester, new teachers and new environments, it can be very overwhelming. Fortunately, in a community college environment, the faculty is more like family since they help you to succeed as much as they can. I don’t think I could have made it through that semester without the faculty.

Recovery Campus: What are some of the supports you found on campus at Nash Community College?

Emily: The Wellness Center was able to provide me with the encouragement and guidance that I needed in a stable way while I was in the hourly-changing emotions phase of early sobriety. They were able to help me find meetings close to where I lived and showed constant support for my education, sobriety and personal development. The faculty was understanding when I needed to miss a class to go to meetings or meet with my sponsor. As long as I was doing my part, they would work with me. Blue Love forever!

Recovery Campus: How important are collegiate recovery programs on community college campuses?

Emily: Being able to integrate your sobriety and education is very important. School kept me grounded because I had something to focus on when things got too rough in sobriety. Having a few people on campus who had more sobriety than I did showed me it was possible to graduate from school while working a sobriety program.

Written by Patti Zielinski

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