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Mankind has wondered at the stars for millennia: about ourselves, about our place, about our futures. There is no greater measure of self than to lie atop some high mountain and gaze into a sky of endless stars. Wilderness therapy is a growing field in behavioral healthcare for precisely that reason; there is no greater measure than to weigh ourselves against the world.

Blackwater Outdoor Experiences (BOE) specializes in facilitating distraction-free opportunities for participants to reflect, realize, and grow. Our participants routinely gain new insight into the underlying causes of their behaviors and often find rejuvenation in both themselves and the wilderness.

Our 22-day therapeutic wilderness expeditions remove the everyday interruptions and allow participants to wonder at the marvels of the natural world and provide a peaceful setting for intrapersonal development. Whether the day’s activity includes canoeing, backpacking, or climbing, BOE will have you discovering your core values, goals, and motivations while refining your communication, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

The wilderness will challenge you with indifference in foul weather, its power in rushing rivers, and its longevity in the mountains, but you will be rewarded with the ability to let go, the strength to overcome, and the appreciation of the sweet brevity of life.

BOE is accepting students at this time for a 22-Day Therapeutic Wilderness Expedition:

September 24th- October 15th, 2017.

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Written by Jon Ugalde

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