Arts and Action

At left: Wyatt Waters at work. On right: Robert St. John.

How and Why:  Most everyone has gone and the breakdown of the event is in its final stages. My feet hurt. A board member waves me over to where she is sitting. We ravenously share leftovers from the event – my taste buds thanking me with every delectable bite. A collective exhale fills the room as we review the program from start to finish. I reflect on the diligent and relentless dedication of our CRC advisory board for making this event possible. Through their planning, inviting, creating, designing, and collaborating the CRC at Mississippi State has just executed its first major fundraising event.

Painter Wyatt Waters

Starkville, Mississippi. Howell Observatory. Monday February 13th, 2017. Students marvel at the clear, cold open night sky. Bundled up in cozy gear we kid around and cut up with our enthusiastic astronomy guide as he points out constellations and star formations. After a while a student pulls me to the side and tells me he has to leave early in order to finish up some homework. As I watch him walk off in the distance towards his car I smile knowing that the fundraiser, of which all proceeds are designated to CRC student scholarships, will tremendously aid the best and brightest recovering students in the world.

Written by Blake Schneider

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